MR.NOPE®, founded in 2018, originated from the Pen spinning culture. Our core purpose is to explore cultural depth and spread cultural charm, while bridging the connection between pen spinning culture and other cultures, achieving a fusion of diverse cultures. We specialize in producing and selling culture-related products.

Unlike traditional handmade products in pen spinning culture, we are highly professional. Our team comprises many professional designers, including product, industrial, graphic, packaging, and animation design. All our products are meticulously designed and continuously optimized to meet cultural demands.

Designed for pen spinning, every component in our products is tailored to the needs of pen spinning. We have the capability to create shapes, structures, and craftsmanship that are impossible to achieve in traditional handmade products. Our products are unique and irreplaceable, as they possess intellectual property rights.

Prior to official launch, our products undergo extensive testing by professional players, receiving their full recognition. So far, we have introduced numerous outstanding products, including the ELEMENT series, FIELD series, as well as accessories such as jewelry and storage bags.

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