All product measurements are manually taken and presented in metric units. Please note that variations may occur due to measurement discrepancies between different tools.

The colors of the products shown in images may appear slightly different due to varying lighting conditions and display screens. The actual product color should be considered the most accurate representation.

Our products are meticulously assembled according to strict requirements before leaving the factory. Any looseness or disconnections resulting from secondary disassembly is not a quality issue.

Surface coatings, including but not limited to plating, printing, and oxidation, may gradually wear off with time and usage. This is a regular occurrence and not a quality defect. The frequency of use will impact the rate of surface coating wear.

The product surface may feel slightly slippery when newly unpacked, especially in colder environments or areas with air conditioning. This is a normal phenomenon. Continued use, particularly if you have sweaty hands, will enhance the product's grip. If you prefer a non-slip experience and have non-sweaty hands, consider using our specialized product, "Anti-Slip Wax." Apply a small amount to the product surface to increase friction between the pen and your fingers.